Cluecity is an escape game set outdoors, in the city. You look for clues, solve challenges and discover new things.

Can your team solve the city adventure?

Experience the city in a different way. You play on the streets of the city, and our digital platform takes you through an unforgettable experience.

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Arrive at the Starting Point

After you've booked the game, you'll receive instructions how to get to the starting point. These instructions might be clear – or perhaps, will they be the first puzzle?
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Find Clues & Solve Puzzles

Our platform will lead you and your team through a sequence of challenges. Are you ready to have fun?
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Who can play?

In short, any group craving fun!



Tired of same old activities? Dare your friends to play something completely different!


Family & Couples

A Cluecity adventure is a great way to spend time with your family, or for a date. Just make sure not to choose an adult theme if you’re with kids!



You love games – here’s a way to play them, while adding real spaces to the experience!



Cluecity adventures are a great fit for teambuildings, or even corporate events.



What better way to get to know a new city than to play a game in it?








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Where can you play?

Our Locations - Croatia

You can find our games in the following cities:

You can play Cluecity games in other countries too! See our global site to see where.

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Fun guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers!

Who can play this game?

You can play this game together with your family members, friends, colleagues from work – in fact anyone that likes to have fun!

Do I need to install an app to play?

No! Our platform is accessible via any smartphone or tablet. It would also be accessible over a laptop, but you don't want to walk around with a laptop in your hand, do you?

What do I need to play?

You need a smartphone with a full battery and mobile data (the game should require no more than a few megabytes). A pencil and a paper would also be helpful. Other than that, you just need clothes you're comfortable walking in and some good company!

How do I start the game after booking?

To start the game, go to and enter the voucher code that you'll receive during the booking process. This will give you access to the game and allow you to begin your adventure.

How does the booking process work?

Booking a Cluecity outdoor escape game is super easy. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to our website and book your game.
  2. Once your booking is confirmed and payment goes through, we'll email you the game instructions.
  3. Get ready to dive into the game and have a blast!

We've got different booking options:

Jump right in

Ready to rock and roll? Start playing right after booking! Just make sure to check if any games require package pickup.

Pick a time slot

Choose a future date and time that works for you. Need to change your plans? No problem - you can reschedule anytime, no questions asked.

Buy now, pick a time slot later

Can't get your friends to make up their minds? No worries! Purchase the game now and decide on the time slot later. Perfect for those who hate planning or simply want the freedom to start whenever they feel like it!

Buy as a gift

Looking to spread the fun? Cluecity makes an awesome gift. Buy the game and surprise someone with an unforgettable experience!

I've never played an outdoor game before. How does Cluecity work?

Don't worry, it's pretty straightforward! You'll be playing on the city streets, all you need is a fully charged cell phone and a group of friends ready for an adventure.

You'll be guided through the game by our innovative online platform. You access it right through your internet browser, no installation required. Just make sure you have a few megabytes of data to spare!

Is the game physically demanding?

The adventures are designed to be be physically undemanding. However, it is an outdoor game that requires some walking to complete. You can expect around 1-2 km of light walking. This may vary from adventure to adventure, and in each adventure, you can see ahead of time how demanding it is.

What if we're late?

No problem! The game will wait for you 🙂

Is there a time limit for completing the game?

There is no strict time limit for completing the game, but most players finish within 2-3 hours. You can take as much time as you need to explore and solve the puzzles at your own pace.

How does the hint system work?

We have an in-app tiered hint system. If you're stuck, you can ask for a hint that will give a bit more information. Normally there are multiple levels of hints available to help you progress without giving away the entire solution.

What should I wear?

Since you'll be walking in the city, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes – anything in which you can walk around 1-2 kilometers. Don't forget something against sun or rain – if necessary 🙂

Will it be safe during the game?


Yes. The game takes place outside, and you don't need to interact with anyone except the group of people you came with! You fully control the risk.


All of our games are set within the safest areas of the city. However, be aware of the pickpockets in crowded areas!

Can I take my dog?

Of course! Since the game is taking place outdoors, on the streets, your dog (or any other pet) is more than welcome to join you.

What if it rains?

We get it – you don't want to play an outdoor adventure in a thunderstorm! Don't worry, if it rains, you can simply reschedule your adventure – free of charge!

Something came up - can we reschedule our adventure?

Of course! You can reschedule free of charge, as often as you like. The game instructions email will give you more details.

What is the pricing structure for the games?

Prices are per game, regardless of the number of players (up to 6 players per game). This allows you to enjoy the game with your friends and family without worrying about additional costs for each person.

How can I gift a Cluecity game?

Gifting a Cluecity game is as easy as pie! Simply purchase the game and we'll email you a personalized gift voucher.

You can then forward this voucher to the lucky recipient, who can use it to access the game. Or, if you prefer, we can email the gift voucher directly to the recipient.

Tell us which and add a personalized message during the booking process!

How can I arrange a Cluecity game for a larger group or as a team-building activity?

Cluecity is a fantastic choice for larger group outings or team-building events. For these bigger adventures, please contact us directly and we'll be more than happy to discuss the options available for your group.

What languages are available for the game?

The games are usually available in the local language and English - you can see the specifics on the page of each game. The language can be selected when starting the game, and it can even be different between different players of the same game.

Do all players have to play in the same language?

No, you don't have to play in the same language. Each player can choose their preferred language when starting the game. The games are usually available in both the local language and English.


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